In most cases, Russian authorities or organizations do not accept public documents, which originate in Pakistan and to be used in the Russian Federation, unless they are translated from Urdu and English into Russian and certified by the Consular Department in Islamabad or Russian Consulate General in Karachi.

Please, note that the Consulate General of the Russian Federation does not provide any translations. 

All the documents, submitted for translation must be typed.


It is possible for any Pakistani to attest only documents, issued by governmental institution at the Consulate General of the Russian Federation. The documents have to be the original copies and are required to be attested first by the Ministry of Foreign

Affairs, Camp Office, Karachi, before they can be legalized at the Consulate General. The document legalization can be done within one working day but can take longer depending on the number of  documents.

Please note, that we do not legalize any passports or documents, issued by non-govermental organizations.


The Consulate General of the Russian Federation provides Signature Authentication for documents that don’t conflict with Russian Legislation. During Signature Authentication the Consul certifies identity of an Applicant. Please note that in compliance with Article 80 of the Fundamental Principles of the Russian Federation on Notary, the Consul authenticates the signature only and not credibility of the facts stated in the document.